Activ Touring™ Portable Curling Broom Handle

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Combine the Activ TouringTM handle with your favorite head and you have the best broom available. Strong, light, and above all — portable. This innovative and travel-friendly broom handle is Canadian designed with the needs of both competitive and casual curlers in mind. Premium Japanese carbon fiber Innovative quick connector with strong carbon fiber core Fits all popular heads When disassembled, this handle is the length of a tennis racket and will fit in most suitcases and half-sized lockers Includes "skip markers" to help the thrower better see broom position while delivering the stone Features a center of gravity slightly higher than other brooms to better balance the head for a better sweeping feel Note that the head is sold separately and is included in photos for demonstration purposes only. If you are adding a head to your order, don't forget to include an appropriate brush pad as well.  If you need help customizing your handle and head combination, please give us a call!
Dimensions of the two parts when separated for travel are 26 1/4 inches for the top section and 24 7/8 inches for the bottom section.