Custom Shoe Conversion with Toe Dip - Men's and Women's

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This custom shoe conversion uses the removable Asham Rotator Disk system complete with 1/4" slider disks, gripper disks, and a full gripper for your non-sliding foot. These are great for younger curlers since you can remove the disks to carry over to your next shoes as you grow.

Toe dip is also included. Toe dip can be applied to shoes with mesh, but deeper mesh may cause unevenness in the appearance of the toe dip.

Shoes that are flatter with less grip, and no extremely upturned toe work best (Nike Metcons, No Bulls, Converse, etc.). Shoes such as Hokas are not recommended. In the notes, please let us know if you have a deep tuck and we'll try to accommodate the slider placement accordingly. All front disks will allow for some hinged flexibility.